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Benefits of a New Boiler Installation

New Boiler

As the evenings get colder and you turn your boiler on, there’s an issue. Maybe it’s making a funny noise, taking ages to start working, not turning on or another issue. Now is the time to decide if you want to pay to get the boiler repaired or if a new boiler installation may be the best option for you.

In this blog post, we have put together just some of the many benefits of a new boiler installation. This should help you decide if maybe now is the time for a new boiler installation, instead of costly boiler repairs.

  • Add Value

Installing a brand-new boiler will add value to your property. The reason for this is that new boilers are more energy-efficient and reliable. They also help to reduce energy bills. A recently installed boiler in your home will be extremely attractive to house buyers. They’ll know it’s not something they will need to pay to repair in the new future, and their heating bills will be kept low too.

  • Better Efficiency

A brand-new boiler will offer far better efficiency than your old boiler. The new boiler is likely to be A-rated. This means it will heat your home quicker and more efficiently than your old boiler ever could have done.

  • Money-Saving

A more efficient boiler will cost less to run too. While you will need to pay for a new boiler installation, you will quickly see the reductions on your heating and energy bills. The new boiler will run more efficiently than the old one, which means it will use less energy too.

  • More Space

Lots of the new boilers are much small than old boilers. With a smaller boiler, you gain more space. Your boiler cupboard could now be used for more storage. Or if your old boiler were an eyesore in your home, it could now be hidden away. Think of how you could make the most of this extra space in your home.

  • Peace and Quiet

Older boilers are known to be quite noisy. When they have been installed near bedrooms, they can often wake you in the morning as they start to heat the house. The benefit of a new boiler installation is that the new boiler will be a lot less noisy than an older boiler. This means a great night’s sleep and a lovely warm home for everyone in the house.


If you are considering a new boiler installation in your home, call our team now. We can get you booked in, so you’ll have a lovely warm home, more space, more peace, and lower energy bills too!

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