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Could project management work for you?

If you have the time & the experience, self-management & DIY is always the most cost effective way to get a project out of the ground & built but if you’re like most people who have a full time job & other commitments to contend with, the only other option traditionally would be to get a builder in to take on the entire build for you but a project management service might be an option you’d like to consider.

Project management is a relatively new term within the building industry & has been commonly associated with TV programs such Ch4’s “Property Ladder” & “Grand Designs”.

Conventionally, a building contractor will already have a manager or supervisor employed to oversee a project from start to finish & will deal with the day to day progress; liaise with the client, the building inspectors, suppliers, architects, structural engineers as well as the sub-contractors & deal with the financial aspects. Traditionally, the cost of this supervision would (amongst other things) be included within the quote provided by the contractor as a ‘hidden’ cost or uplift. This uplift is known as O&P or ‘overheads & profit’ & can range from between 20% to 50% depending on the company. In other words, for every £1.00 it costs the company, up to £0.50p is added just to cover their overheads & profit. This uplift is added to virtually everything including materials, sub-contractors and plant hire. It’s used to pay towards the company’s outgoings and expenditure such new vans, rent, business rates, lighting, phone, staff wages, corporation tax etc. A major part of the appointed project managers role is to closely monitor the financial elements of the build throughout to make sure it stays on track as this can in our experience prove to be the most contentious part of the project when costs start to escalate but unlike a conventional quotation method, we would with our service pass those savings onto our clients. In other words, we work to actively save you money rather than take it by operating on a fixed fee basis with everything else at cost. With the VAT savings alone, we can save our clients many 1000’s of pounds.

So acting directly with our clients, we guide them & offer the advice they’ll need to help them make informed decisions. We will prepare a detailed works specification & works program to give our clients a realistic estimation of time scale when the project will start & finish. We will not only source the trades but also the majority of the materials as well which monitor each stage of the build no matter how big or small the project is. We will endeavor to ensure that the project runs as quickly & as smoothly as possible to within the budget you have available.

As a part of the project management service, we provide all our clients with an operating & maintenance manual at the end which will include details of the materials used including all purchase receipts (this can be very useful when you need to get replacement parts at a future date after the guarantee period has expired), a full set of project accounts & all the necessary certification provided by our NICEIC & GAS SAFE qualified engineers & final certification provided by building control which will be required when you eventually come sell your home.

We are happy to offer FREE advice on design & planning issues without any obligation & we have access to every trade needed all of whom have been in the industry for many years & will turn your dream into a reality.

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