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The Role of a project manager in Peterborough

Planning to invest in a major home construction or renovation project? Then seek help of a building project manager who handles your construction job effectively from start to finish. The project manager will plan, direct and help budget a project correctly as well as handle any issues that arise during the job.

Within the scope of a major building project, a project manager is trained to coordinate the different processes and timetables necessary to complete a project. These individuals and teams mediate between owners, designers, suppliers and building contractors in Peterborough. In essence, they oversee the entire process, from inception and design to execution.

The Role of a Building Project Manager

Firstly, a building project manager focuses on coordinating the different needs of a project on a large scale and maintains a relationship with all parties including the client and the subcontractors to ensure the smooth and timely completion of the project. Beyond coordinating the internal workings of a project, the manager develops plans to handle external concerns. These include handling equipment and material suppliers, developing on-site safety procedures and risk management plans.

The Project Manager’s Skills and Knowledge

A project manager has a defined purpose, a workable approach and a grasp of all aspects of a project. Halo Building Services based in Peterborough have a theoretical knowledge of all the tasks being executed and have a workable knowledge of how the tasks will be completed.  Halo Building Services are thorough in every detail including information about the building process, cost analysis, project sequence and time to obtain the right trades and materials to implement the build.  This means, without exception, the project manager has many areas of expertise including some field exposure. Their level of professionalism is attributed to the years of experience they have within the building and construction industry.  A project manager has the authority, ability and experience to hire, fire and purchase and is an effective communicator both verbally and in writing.

The schedule of work created by Halo Building Services at the very start of the project provides an extremely detailed assessment of the work required to undertake the project and the likely costs including any obvious cost savings that can be made in terms of both labour and materials. Their aim is to work with you to provide a completed project that hopefully exceeds your expectations yet within budgetary constraints available but overall, a project manager works with you to achieve his mission by managing time and progress, cost and cash flow, quality and performance & organisation behaviour through planning, scheduling, directing, controlling and monitoring resources within quality, time, cost and environment constraints.

The Cost of Project Manager in Peterborough

The cost of hiring the project manager depends on the size of the project and its complexity but the project manager’s ability and experience to negotiate labour and material costs could literally save you thousands via trusted contacts in the trade, making the building project management option a credible and cost effective alternative to the conventional main contractor approach.

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