What is Project Management & how much money could our service save you?

Typically a medium to large sized building contractor/general builder would employ a project manager/foreman to oversee a specific project from start to finish. The project manager will not only deal with the day to day running of the job but will also liaise with the company’s employed labour, building inspectors, the client, suppliers, architects, structural engineers as well as a lot of “one man band” sub-contractors such as plumbers, electricians and plasterers.

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These very reliable tradesmen usually provide very reasonably estimates to the builder which will include both labour and materials. Primarily the project managers role is to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget.

The cost of this service is included within the estimate as an overhead or (o&p) which stands for overhead and profit. The o&p is automatically added on to every cost including materials and sub-contractors estimates.

The o&p on the company’s own workforce will be a lot higher to take into account the cost of the vans, fuel, mobile phones, holiday pay, and employers tax and NI contributions etc.

As an independent project management company, we are employed directly by the client and charge a set percentage fee of the overall project cost. Therefore, if we are able to make a saving on any sub-contractors, those savings will be passed on to our clients.


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