Our fully transparent approach should make a refreshing change to the conventional quote and build option because whichever way a project is costed, extras are nearly always added, and this will ultimately increase the cost. However, if you have a project such as a 2 storey house extension our unique service could be far more beneficial to you. The principal difference is that we will provide a realistic estimate to begin with but with this transparent approach you see ALL invoices and receipts, which are presented to you throughout the project for both materials and tradesmen. At each stage of the build, your appointed project manager can go through the figures with you to determine how close to target the project is and where savings can be made for future stages as it’s often the case that projects can run over in times of cost and time. We work to the budget and time scale you have available and will advise you from the outset how realistic that budget is but as all materials and tradesmen are supplied to you at cost, we can literally save you hundreds, if not, thousands of ££££’s.

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